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Exclusive Clip: FX Showcase feat. Fargo and The Strain
Would FX's two hit TV series Fargo and/or The Strain have been hindered by the ability to binge-watch the entire series? Find out what the Executive Producer of Fargo (Warren Littlefield) and the Executive Producer of The Strain (Carlton Cuse) think about the "Netflix Pattern" of binge-watching in this exclusive clip from BANFF 2015.
The official Economic Impact Assessment conducted by Nordicity found that much of the activity in the media and entertainment landscape can trace its way back to BANFF in some capacity.
Munya in Me (Munya in Mij), a stop-motion animation piece, was announced as the Jury Grand Prize of the 2015 Rockie Awards.
27 winners from 156 nominees were declared to be amongst the best in their respective categories and will continue to compete for the Jury Grand Prize. Winning programs come from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United States. Click to see full list.
BANFF 2015 will feature exclusive opportunities from the biggest broadcasters and production partners in Asia. With 20 representatives attending, it is your chance to learn more about co-production, co-financing, and other collaborative opportunities in the Asian content market.
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